The Challenge

With the country on lockdown in 2020, Wilkinson Sword was determined to present their new masterbrand presentation to key retailers. This, however, would usually require a big event in a room full of people. With that physical option quite literally out of the door, we were tasked with hosting the presentation online, in a way that would somehow be “captivating and memorable.”


The Insight

We know that meetings on Skype and Zoom are fraught with problems. Not only are they pretty un-engaging, but they’re also filled with background distractions that make your mind drift away. We knew we needed something that would really capture the retailers’ attention.

The Solution

We devised a unique multi-layered event, complete with interactive involvement, virtual reality and four digital escape rooms. 

Our guests were firstly sent a box. But not just any box. It was a locked acrylic case, which could only be opened via a secret code. From this very first moment, we had our retailers engaged and curious.

Once unlocked, the case revealed a virtual reality headset, which instantly took our guests on a filmic journey of discovery and transported them into Wilkinson Sword’s world of heritage, values and innovation.

With this immersive introduction over, the retailers then worked in teams on an interactive video call, where they had to navigate their way through four perplexing escape rooms. Using the physical clues contained within their box, as well as their knowledge of Wilkinson Sword, the challenge focused their minds on what the brand is all about.

Finally, with a buzz of energy rippling through the digital event, the Wilkinson Sword team was able to get down to business and deliver their commercial message to a fully attentive crowd.

The Results

The event idea was met with great excitement by the Wilkinson Sword team, and their buyers alike. And the reality? Well the event proved to be even more exciting, engaging and successful than we could ever imagine. It proved to be a seamless ‘phygital’ experience.