The Challenge

Pilsner Urquell has an unrivaled story and heritage, but research revealed that consumers were rejecting the brand due to its ‘challenging’ taste.  To stay relevant in a market dominated by niche craft beers, a great story was not enough, we needed to create a purpose.


The Action 

We changed the view from seeing the unique taste as the challenge, to positioning it as our greatest strength, and our taste curve provided a way to walk drinkers through the taste journey.

After all, the beer that inspired 90% of the beer in the world should know a thing or two about taste…

Taste became the guiding principle at the heart of every brand engagement, enriched by a proud passion for craft and craftsmanship.

The experience-led activations ensured every engagement delivered a crafted managed encounter, tapster programs ensured quality measures were in place across the board, tank beer outlets provided a unique experience of brewery-fresh beer, and brewers and makers sessions expressed our passion for craftsmanship through partners ranging from artisanal meets to dim sum.

The Results

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