The Challenge

Life in the drinks industry is full of competition. For bottles on the shelf, it can be pretty tough to stand out. Monkey Shoulder was keen to buck the trend, and asked us to create a toolkit that would bring their brand to life in their on-trade locations.


The Insight

Monkey Shoulder isn’t like other whiskies. In fact, they revel in being different and going against the status quo. With this in mind, we knew that our toolkit needed to follow Monkey Shoulder’s spirit, and mix things up with a few special ideas.

The Solution

Our “Monkey Shoulder Toolkit” delivered a complete strategy for the brand, with inspiration and concepts that proved just how far they could push themselves in the on-trade.

From quirky in-bar competitions to giveaways, visuals, captivating digital assets and a customised advocacy programme for bar staff, the toolkit featured everything that Monkey Shoulder needed to maximise their impact.

Like the on-trade nerds we are, we even went into the theory and rationale behind the plan, giving Monkey Shoulder a complete understanding of every detail involved.

The Result

Monkey Shoulder certainly believe in “Seizing the Monkey”, and this toolkit allowed them to do just that. It gave them some perfect inspiration and practical guidelines for seizing their opportunities on-trade, and making sure that they could reach and engage with as many customers as possible.

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