The Challenge While Kopparberg’s famous cider is already well known (and well distributed) around the country, they needed a special push for their new “Kopparberg Black” draught – an infusion of apple cider with blackberry and blackcurrant. Our mission was to put more samples in hands, and create a stronger “brand love” between Kopparberg and their key target audience – students.

The Insight It doesn’t take much to encourage students to drink. But if you want to create a lasting impression, there’s a bit more to it. Firstly, you need to engage in a direct and authentic way, speaking their language and creating an environment that fits their lifestyle. Basically, give them a reason to come back for more!

The Solution We took a classic black Land Rover Defender and converted it into a mobile pop-up bar. Driving throughout the land, we stopped off at university campuses and student unions, giving everyone a taste of Kopparberg Black. More than that, we gave the on-the-go event a true festival vibe, with banners, beanbags and blaring music to set the scene.  Kopparberg is anchored by its “Outside is Ours” campaign, so the Defender Roadshow fit perfectly within the outdoor concept. Straight to the point, and infiltrating the heart of student life, we made Kopparberg Black the best lesson of the year!

The Result From an incredible 5,000 samples of Kopparberg Black that were tasted at UK campuses, we poured an additional 2,500 pints for those who wanted more!  10 new listings were also secured, to prove that the Defender’s journey was well worthwhile.

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