The Challenge

To get people sampling your products, you first have to get them through the door. This was our challenge when it came to our work with Hendrick’s Gin. The notoriously quirky brand wanted to drive more thirsty customers inside premium locations around the UK, and ensure they ordered a taste of the delicious and “oddly infused” Hendrick’s spirit. 

It was our job to get the campaign flowing.


The Insight

In recent times, many brands have been riding the wave of “conversational marketing” within their campaigns. In other words, speaking directly to each individual consumer. We have witnessed the huge advantages of this approach, but we also know it needs to be done right. 

Yet with some free Hendrick’s G&T samples, and a splash of the brand’s unique tone-of-voice, we knew we had all of the ingredients to do something special.

The Solution

We created an interactive Chabot that allowed everyone to start a conversation with Hendrick’s Gin through Facebook Messenger. 

All they had to do was answer some fun Countdown Cu-nundrums, and they would be rewarded with a digital voucher for a free Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic. 

Not only did the Chatbot speak to our patrons like friends, but it also gave them directions to their nearest participating bar, based on their location. This ensured that we drove as much footfall as possible into our targeted locations.

As an added benefit, the bot also reported back with a full picture of the user journey, giving us all the demographics, popular hotspots and conversion rates we needed, allowing us to build an impressive framework for future campaigns.

The Result

Almost 3,500 vouchers were rewarded, and around 210,000 messages were sent. Yes, the Chatbot was certainly chatting a lot! 

Overall, the campaign allowed Hendrick’s to provide some tasty samples, and also give an engaging journey into their brand. An example of modern marketing at its best.

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