The Challenge

Our friends at Atopia were keen for more people to experience the taste of their refreshing and ultra-low alcohol cocktails. We needed to find the perfect moment to engage with everyone on the street, and deliver a high-profile sampling activity that would really shake things up!


The Insight

When the indulgence of Christmas and New Year’s are over, we know that there’s always a shift towards healthier and better living. That’s why we targeted “Dry January” as the perfect time to raise Atopia’s low-alcohol profile. Going even further, we pinpointed “Blue Monday” as our exact moment for activation – notoriously known as the most depressing day of the year.

The Solution

Hitting the streets of London on “Blue Monday”, we unleashed the flavour of Atopia through a customised and high-quality sampling campaign.

Our cocktail vehicle? An exclusive three-wheel “sampling bike” that came built-in with product storage, ice boxes and garnish trays, allowing us to cover as much ground as possible and lift the spirits of the January crowds.

Furthermore, we took the taste indoors, with a unique pop-up takeover at Benk+Bo, a café, yoga studio and events space in East London. Along with the amazing flavour of Atopia, visitors were able to take part in “laughing yoga sessions” to really boost their mood.


The Result

The cold winds of January were blown away as we delivered this fun and smile-raising campaign. 

With just one hard-working bicycle and one venue takeover, we were able to pour almost 1,500 cocktail samples, and give the traditional product trial a brand new spin.

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