The Rise of the Super-App

2020 (and half of 2021) saw the working world move from the office set up to the kitchen table, resulting in adjustments to multi-tasking between Zoom calls and home schooling. The savvy ones of us out there turned to technology, and mobile app development was taking it up a notch to support users in the new world.

One of the latest trends as a result of the pandemic and multi-tasking, is the growth of so called ‘Super-apps’. Previously most mobile apps would serve a single purpose; message your mates, find a workout, order food, the list goes on. What about if we could do all of that (or some at least) in a single platform? Open your phone right now and count all the different apps, I’ll go first. 45…yikes.

What is a super-app I hear you cry? The super-app can manage and carry out a diverse number of tasks to cover as much of the users’ needs as possible. No need to spend your valuable time bouncing between various apps throughout your day. Sounds dreamy right?

This trend started in Asian countries within the last 5 years, with the most popular player in the Chinese market, WeChat. Called the ‘one-stop shop’, WeChat aims to simplify daily life for its users. WeChat boasts an impressive list of capabilities. Instant messaging, photo sharing (moments), WePay, news, internet search and their own version of TikTok, WeChat Channels. It’s no wonder that the app is now the 6th most downloaded worldwide.

Source: Forbes 2021

WeChat isn’t just popular in China, 100-250 million WeChat users live outside the country, unfortunately for us, WeChat isn’t yet available in the UK (Watch this space!)

Hootsuite (2021)

With 90% of the population in China users of WeChat, the race to create the World’s next super-app is on. It was recently reported that PayPal want to be a lot more than an online checkout button, and other big tech players are expanding their capabilities. Whatever the next Super-App will look like, for a new world that is driven by ‘working smarter’ and balancing work/life balance, a Super-App could be finally welcomed into European markets.

Fingers crossed those of us in the UK can get our hands on it.

Written by: Digital Project Manager, Jade Allkins